How To Teach

How to Teach Drayton and Naomi explore the psychological basis for learning and provide insight into how one can apply these rules to impart knowledge to others. In no technical terms, it shows the various methods of teaching, the learning processes and

Teach Me HTML  v.1 5

Teach Me HTML is a very small and simple application for learning and teaching the basic knowledges for starting to create web pages.


Junglebyte Teach  v.4.3.223

With its superior technology and unparalleled feature set, Junglebyte Teach is the clear leader in computer classroom management.

Teach Fly Pro  v.

Teach Fly Pro?s unique, patent-pending technology can help you quickly master the basic foundation of almost any foreign language.

Teach Us Alphabets  v.

Teach Us Alphabets provides your children a platform to learn alphabets with the corresponding words. Each alphabet has its corresponding words depicted in picture also its name and the way to write it. User can print the picture and children can use

Teach Me To Multipy  v.

A fun way to learn multiplication the old fashion way - through competitive repetition. Teach Me To Multiply allows you or your children to take simple math quizzes at various difficulty levels and grades the results on speed and accuracy.

Using Stories to Teach Maths Ages 4 to 7  v.

Make the teaching of Maths a more exciting and creative cross-curricular experience! This new series provides original and fun stories, sketches and poems to use as the basis for teaching objectives from the Mathematics Programme of Study. The

Teach Me Colors  v.

Do you have a child who is learning their colors? Then this is the App for you! Beautiful interface, easy to use, but most of all FUN! Your love one will enjoy learning by touch, sight, and sound! This edition is in English and Español, so you can

Teach Yourself To Play Guitar  v.4.0

Alfred's easy-to-use software program is the winner of the 2008 iParenting Media Awards!

Teach Word

The main stage of any learning is self-checking, and it is the point on which you will be helpless without TeachWord. This tiny yet powerfull software has a set of functional features in its arsenal, allowing you not only to store learned foreign words in

Teach Beat Pro  v.1 7

'Brainwaves' generator is a low-intensity radiator of electromagnetic oscillations with a frequency from 1 to 35 Hz , having a standard kit of the individual settings (carrier frequency, modulating signal, off-duty factor, modulation depth, phase shi

Piano Lessons Online

Learn how you can teach yourself piano by using online piano courses. The advatages of learning online are listed in this free report. So if your thinking of learning the piano in a different kind of way then this will be for you. The best online piano

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